1What is symmetric internet?
A symmetric internet connection is one that can send and receive information at the same time and at the same speed without affecting the efficiency of the connection signal. Both downloading and uploading data are done at the same speed, without interfering with each other.
2What is oversubscription?
Oversubscription is the provider's ability and commitment to oversell a service in a certain ratio, so that a bandwidth is used by multiple customers at the same time.
3How do the internet connections to my home or business work?
We use 100% fiber optics, which is the most advanced transmission medium that exists, free of electromagnetic interference, which allows us to send and receive large amounts of data at high speed in a stable manner.
4How far does my responsibility go when the network equipment (CPE, Routers and others) are owned by Fibernet?
Fibernet will be responsible for the installation and programming of the network equipment (CPE, Routers and others). You will have custody of the supplied equipment, which you must return to Fibernet at the time it requires it for: updating, maintenance, repair or termination of the contract, you are also responsible for the state of conservation of the equipment. Remember that all network equipment supplied is the property of Fibernet and must be returned in good functional and aesthetic condition at the time of withdrawing the service; Otherwise, the cost of the missing or damaged equipment will be charged.
1 What is needed to acquire a service?
Complete the information required in a contract with the specifications of the services and products you need for your home or business, with your signature and a copy of your ID. In the event that it is a service on behalf of a company
2Do you have dynamic, fixed, public or private IPs?
In the residential segment, there are dynamic and public IPs, which will be seen anywhere in the world and allows you to surf the Internet. To obtain a fixed or private IP, a package is required for at least SMEs and if more than one fixed IP is required, availability and cost must be consulted.
3What is IPTV?
It's internet protocol television. IP television is a way of transmitting the television signal through the internet. The IPTV service offered by Fibernet has more than 100 national and international channels for the enjoyment of the whole family.
4In which area can I contract the services?
You can inquire about the availability and feasibility of the services by calling 4106-2000, writing to WhatsApp 6166-2036 or sending an email to